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How Bricklayer AI Works

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Finally overcome alert overload

There have been many attempts to automate SOC workflows and reduce the manual burden on SOC teams. Bricklayer AI fulfills the vision of what SOAR and Security Automation platforms set out to achieve – but in a wholly different way. Rather than complex, human-dependent configurations, Bricklayer AI adds capacity and expertise to the team. Expand the SOC team laterally to triage more alerts, automate more IR workflows and isolate threats faster by adding AI specialists to do the actual work.

Automate threat intel reporting

Add speed, scale and analytical capabilities to your threat intelligence team. Analyze as much threat data as you can ingest, at near real time speeds. Correlate, enrich data, and reveal insights that would have taken human-only teams weeks or more. Understand the risks that matter to your organization, and take action faster, reducing mean time to respond.

Slash MTTD and MTTR

Elevate your cybersecurity with AI-driven incident responders that offer unmatched speed in identifying and mitigating cyber threats. They autonomously handle complex incidents, significantly cutting down resolution time. AI responders conduct real-time analysis, isolate threats, and execute rapid mitigation actions with minimal human oversight. They continuously learn from each incident, refining their strategies for even more effective future responses. Streamline your incident response process, ensuring swift, decisive action that safeguards your organization.

Bricklayer AI will launch to the public later this year. In the meantime, we’re accepting a limited number of users into our closed demonstration. If you are interested in joining, or in becoming a design partner, contact us online. Together, we’re going to build a new era of autonomous AI and human collaboration in security operations.