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In the quest for reliable and trustworthy AI-driven solutions, Bricklayer stands out by prioritizing transparency and accountability. The platform is committed to providing trustworthy and confident answers, backed by a “show our work” philosophy. By leveraging generative AI, Bricklayer seamlessly communicates with humans and technologies, but it remains steadfast in its dedication to using AI for assembling and reasoning over data, rather than relying on it for facts. This blog post delves into how Bricklayer strikes a balance between leveraging generative AI capabilities for natural language interactions while maintaining trustworthiness through its reliable data foundation.

The Role of Generative AI in Bricklayer

Bricklayer harnesses generative AI technologies to facilitate natural language interfaces, summarization, and communication. This empowers users to effortlessly interact with the platform, extracting relevant insights and receiving informative responses in a language they understand. Generative AI acts as a facilitator, enhancing the user experience by providing a seamless communication layer.

Crucially, Bricklayer does not rely on generative AI for the creation of actual data or facts. Instead, the platform employs generative AI to compile, analyze, and reason over diverse datasets of knowledge. The AI plays a crucial role in assembling vast amounts of information and uncovering patterns, connections, and insights that humans might overlook. By emphasizing the “show our work” principle, Bricklayer ensures that the underlying data and information are trustworthy, accurate, and based on reliable sources.

Like my 8th grade math teacher would say… showing your work allows the teacher (or in this case our users) to see where the answer came from. Great answers without showing your work are not as valuable in 8th grade or in our work today.

Example of “showing our work” through highlighting the steps taken

Example of “showing our work” through highlighting the steps taken

Ensuring Trustworthiness and Confidence

Bricklayer understands the importance of instilling confidence in its AI capabilities. By maintaining a clear distinction between the generative AI’s role in communication and the data itself, the platform addresses concerns related to trustworthiness. Users can rely on the fact that Bricklayer’s conclusions and answers are derived from rigorous reasoning over reliable and verified data sources. This approach fosters confidence and enables users to make informed decisions based on the insights provided. Let’s walk through how we show our work.

Every Bricklayer answer comes with references. This includes relevant documents that were used for context along with API endpoints that were used to gather information. This allows users to verify all the information it responds with.

Each answer further includes a detailed plan. This plan is a step-by-step breakdown of the process that was used to respond to the question – a list of all the agents and tools along with their inputs. This allows Bricklayer to be transparent about its processes.

Example of References used for an answer

Example of References used for an answer


Bricklayer’s commitment to trustworthy and confident answers sets it apart in the realm of AI-driven solutions. By “showing their work,” Bricklayer ensures transparency and accountability in its processes. While generative AI facilitates seamless communication and enhances the user experience, the platform relies on reliable and verified data for factual information and conclusions. This balanced approach instills confidence in users, enabling them to rely on Bricklayer for dependable insights and informed decision-making. With its focus on trustworthy AI, Bricklayer empowers users to navigate complex challenges with clarity and assurance.

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